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Perched above a tranquil courtyard, The Matta Bangkok graces the heart of the city's most prestigious locale. Offering a serene juxtaposition to the vibrant surroundings of Sukhumvit, The Matta beckons as a sanctuary of calm. Complimentary WiFi is at your disposal, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity.

Strategically positioned, a mere 15-minute stroll from Thonglor BTS station, our location is both convenient and strategic.

Each of our rooms is a haven of opulence, thoughtfully appointed to cater to your every need. Every room boasts a 55-inch SAMSUNG Smart TV, bespoke designer furniture, a secure safe box, a Bluetooth speaker, coffee maker, and a fully equipped pantry.

Immerse yourself in the luxurious rain shower, or indulge in the bathtub overlooking a private garden. Our rooms are complete with a hairdryer, a sumptuous bathrobe, and plush slippers.

Your comfort is our commitment, and each facet of your stay at The Matta Bangkok reflects our dedication to ensuring an exceptional experience.

Unique & Designer

Room Style

Functionality meets modernity

All rooms have been designed to impress not only with their design but also functionality. In each room you will find customized, designer furniture, Warren planter lounge chair or Genuine Nappa leather Sofa/ lounge chair, 55 inches Smart TV, brass pendant lamp, safe box and Bluetooth speaker. All room feature luxurious bedding set and unimaginable ultra comfort  , 800 TC Egyptian cotton, 2 types of pillows (firm and soft), 5 zone support spring pocket bed.

The Matta Villa Facilities

Centrally Location

Strategic Location, Only 550 Meter to Thonglor BTS Station, easy access to many chic cafe, restaurant and bar.



This is a very cozy place that reminds you of home. Its also very close to the BTS, about 10-15 mins walk to Thong Lo Station. The house are also very welcoming and helpful. The place is clean and comfortable, wonderful fixture and furniture. Beds, pillows and linen are soft and clean. The Matta also features a big living area outside of the room itself, giving you plenty of space to do activities, not to mention, it has an outdoor kitchen for the adventurous side of you!

However, one minor issue that the natural vibe brings is the countless mosquitoes will appear at night So i suggest bringing insect repellent just to be sure.

Overall, I would surely come back to The Matta when i visit Thailand again someday.

Angela Sy, Malaysia

"大家好,你需要知道,我一位非常懒惰的旅游者,几乎很少会撰写评论,但此时我怀着激动和感恩的心,为奇妙的The metta和房东keiko写下这条评价。请允许我使用母语以便于完美表达我的感官体验。 这些年数十次旅游到泰国,The metta是唯一让我惊艳的!我深深爱上了这里。 首先,The metta 处于曼谷富人区素坤逸中的非常安静的地段,周围都是别墅豪宅,邻居都是面带微笑和很友善的人,虽然在安静的巷子里,但是步行几分钟就有便利店和各国美食餐厅。一扇豪华的Logo电动闸门将迎接你到达The metta,绿植和烤漆玻璃交相辉映呈现出一个极具设计感的院落,院落里的喷泉让你忘却曼谷的燥热。 豪华而时尚的房间装修,柔软舒适的超大床,现代而奇幻的吊灯,起居室又大又软的皮沙发,完备的厨房设备,冰箱,餐桌,led智能电视,豪华浴缸,绿植玻璃外墙,这些都是你在The metta 可以得到的,我无法用文字全面概括,总之The metta得魔力在于你住进去就不想走了,在我入住的那段时间里,我无数次幻想过要是一直呆在曼谷,住在The metta该是多么幸福的事。 真的非常建议一定要体验包下整个The metta的感觉,坐拥这个院落,全都是你的朋友,每天起床,睡前,你将会有无数快乐的体验,不管是一起坐在院子里的大餐桌吃grab外卖,还是在总统套房起居室一起看智能电视的youtube,哪怕就这样和一群朋友呆着,都将会很快乐。 很开心在2019-2020这个跨世纪的时间遇见The metta,遇见优雅的keiko,让我们获得了美好的记忆,关于the metta,关于曼谷,关于2019-2020,关于友情,关于爱情。感谢你们。 这些溢于言表的文字不是广告,来自于The metta的第一位客人 Chasel Wang From China。"

Translation in english

"Hello everyone, you need to know that I am a very lazy tourist and rarely write reviews, but at this time I am writing this review for the wonderful The metta and the landlord keiko with excitement and gratitude. Please allow me to use my mother tongue to express my sensory experience perfectly. Dozens of trips to Thailand over the years, The metta is the only thing that makes me amazing! I am deeply in love with it. First of all, The metta is in a very quiet area in Bangkok's rich area, Sukhumvit. It is surrounded by villa mansions and neighbors are smiling and friendly people. Although it is in a quiet alley, it is only a few minutes walk Convenience stores and international cuisine restaurants. A luxurious Logo electric gate will greet you to the metta. The green plants and lacquered glass will complement each other and present a design courtyard. The fountain in the courtyard will make you forget the heat of Bangkok. Luxurious and stylish room decoration, soft and comfortable king-size bed, modern and fantastic chandeliers, large and soft leather sofa in the living room, complete kitchen equipment, refrigerator, dining table, led smart TV, luxury bathtub, green glass exterior wall These are all you can get in The metta. I ca n’t summarize it in words. In short, the magic of The metta is that you do n’t want to leave when you live in it. During my stay, I have imagined countless times that if I stay What a blessing to live in The metta in Bangkok. I really recommend that you must experience the feeling of packing the entire The metta, sitting in this courtyard, all of your friends, get up every day, before going to bed, you will have countless happy experiences, whether it is sitting in the courtyard together Eating grab take-out at the table, or watching YouTube on Smart TV in the living room of the Presidential Suite, even if just staying with a group of friends, will be very happy. I am very happy to meet The metta in this cross-century time of 2019-2020, to meet the elegant keiko, let us have a good memory, about the metta, about Bangkok, about 2019-2020, about friendship, about love. thank you. These words are not advertisements, they are from Chasel Wang From China, the first guest of The metta."

Chasel, China

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