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Xiaomi Supercharged Garment Steamer

How to use Xiaomi Supercharged Garment Steamer

Xiaomi Supercharged Garment Steamer

Here's a general guide on how to use a garment steamer:

1. **Prepare the Steamer:**
- Make sure the water tank is clean and empty.
- Plug in the garment steamer and turn it on. Some models may have a power button, while others turn on automatically when plugged in.

2. **Fill the Water Tank:**
- Open the water tank compartment and fill it with clean, cold water. Do not overfill; there should be a maximum fill line indicated on the tank.

3. **Preheat the Steamer:**
- Wait for the steamer to heat up. This typically takes a few minutes, and some models have an indicator light that turns off when it's ready to use.

4. **Hang Your Garment:**
- Hang the garment you want to steam on a hanger or place it on a suitable flat surface. Ensure it's easily accessible for steaming.

5. **Steam the Garment:**
- Hold the steamer's nozzle close to the fabric (a few inches away) but not touching it. Keep the steamer upright and move it up and down or in a circular motion to evenly steam the fabric.
- Start from the top of the garment and work your way down. Focus on wrinkles, creases, and areas that need attention.

6. **Use Steam Burst Function (if available):**
- Some steamers have a steam burst or continuous steam feature. Use this as needed for stubborn wrinkles or thicker fabrics.

7. **Hang to Dry:**
- After steaming, hang the garment in a well-ventilated area to allow it to dry and let any remaining moisture evaporate.

8. **Empty the Water Tank:**
- Once you're done, unplug the steamer and allow it to cool. Empty any remaining water from the tank.

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